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Becky Ives is the sister of Terry Ives and the aunt of Terry's daughter, Jane Ives. She is portrayed by Amy Seimetz.


Season One

Wanting to know more about Hawkins Lab, Hopper and Joyce decided to track down Terry Ives, hoping she could provide answers. When they arrived at Terry's residence, Becky was the one who answered the door. She let them in, but warned them that if they wanted to know anything, they were “about five years too late.”

After their attempt to question Terry failed, Becky told Joyce and Hopper about Terry's involvement in MKUltra, as well as her unknown pregnancy. When Joyce asked if they had any pictures of Jane, Becky corrected her, saying that Terry had suffered a miscarriage in her third trimester. She lead the both of them to a room that Terry had kept for Jane for the past twelve years. Becky then revealed that not only did Terry still believe Jane was alive, but that she also possessed “abilities." She also believed it was because of those abilities that Jane was taken to be used as a human weapon by the government.

Joyce wondered if Terry could have been telling the truth about Jane, but Becky informed her there was no birth certificate, nor any other records of Jane's existence, with even the doctors having confirmed the miscarriage. Hopper suggested that it could have been covered up, which made Becky remark that he and Terry would've gotten along.

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