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A house in Hawkins, Indiana was the residence of Joyce, Jonathan and Will Byers, and the former residence of Lonnie Byers. The house was somewhat run down and in worse-for-wear condition.


Compared to the houses of Will's friends, the Byers house was a lot smaller. It had only one floor with three bedrooms, a shed and a dog house.


  1. Living room
  2. Kitchen/Dining room
  3. Will's bedroom
  4. Jonathan's bedroom
  5. Joyce's bedroom
  6. Bathroom
  7. Hallway
  8. Porch (leading to garden)


  1. Shed
  2. Dog house



Joyce and Lonnie bought (or inherited) the house some time prior to 1982.

Season One

Will cycled home following a game of Dungeons & Dragons at a friends' house. A monster suddenly appeared on the road; Will panicked, ditching his bicycle by the side of the road before running to the house. No-one was home except the Byers pet dog. Will tried calling his family on the landline, but he was distracted by the Monster, which continued to persue him. He ran to his shed and tried to hide, loading an old rifle in self-defence. However, the Monster appeared behind him, pulling him into the Upside Down.

When Will disappeared, Joyce filled the house with Christmas lights, she painted alphabet letters in the wall to talk with Will, which was "communicating by the light", but Jonathan thought it was just electricity problems. When heard Will in the living room wall, Joyce breaks the wall with an ax, the hole was covered later by Lonnie.  

When Karen visited Joyce at her house, she takes her daughter along, who follows the Christmas lights, which lead to Will's bedroom. The same sees the monster on the wall and confirms to Joyce that she saw something and Joyce expels Karen from her house.  

Also in the house, Jonathan and Nancy hunt the Monster, with help from Steve, who interrupted them when they tried to lure the monster with their blood. 


The house was located in a heavily wooded area on the outskirts of town, in close proximity to Hawkins National Laboratory, Benny's Burgers and the Harrington house. Will would take the road nicknamed Mirkwood when going home from his friends. Castle Byers was located in the woods nearby.

The exact address or road the house was located on is unknown, but the house was numbered 149.

Behind the Scenes

The house used for exterior shots is located somewhere in Georgia (address withheld due to the house owners' preference), while the interior of the house was built on a stage in EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Atlanta.

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