This article is about the D&D figure. For the creature of the Upside Down, see The Monster
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The Demogorgon was a powerful demonic monster featured in the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons, famous for being one of the toughest foes in the game. Mike Wheeler used it as an antagonist in one of the campaigns he ran for Will, Dustin and Lucas. Will tried to cast "Fireball" against it, but he only rolled a seven, resulting in the Demogorgon defeating his character.

Mike has a miniature of Demogorgon, which shows the demon's form: it is huge, with a reptilian body, two Mandril heads, a tail and arms ending in long tentacles.

When Mike, Dustin and Lucas learned from Eleven about the existence of the Monster, they called it Demogorgon.


  • The figure used in the show – a miniature in the Fantasy Lords series produced by Grenadier Miniatures – wasn't released until mid 1984, almost a year after the first season is set.

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