Dottie is a recurring character introduced in the second season of Stranger Things. Before Eleven, she was the last one to meet Kali and her friends and join them in seeking revenge for the injustice brought upon her.


 Season Two

Dottie, along with Kali, Mick, Funshine, and Axel, is seen briefly in a police pursuit in Pittsburgh. They escape after Kali uses her powers to mislead the police.

When Eleven finds the group's hideout, Dottie is seen talking with her friends. Later on, she rides with them to the apartment of Ray, where she and Axel raid his bedroom while Kali and Eleven attack Ray. She and Axel later find two children in the apartment, and the group leaves shortly before the police arrive. On the same night, the group's hideout is raided by police, and they are forced to leave.


Season Two appearances
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