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Dr. Sam Owens was a high-ranking member within the US Department of Energy. Owens was tasked with containing the strange events that took place in Hawkins, Indiana in 1983, replacing Dr. Brenner as Director of Operations at Hawkins Lab.[1]


Owens shares his predecessor's stubbornness and commitment to science, as evidenced by his refusal to believe the poisoned pumpkins were connected to the Upside Down and his choice to threaten Jonathan and Nancy into silence regarding Barb's death. However, he makes a legitimate point about the need for secrecy: that the deadly nature of the Upside Down portal, if replicated in the hands of an authoritarian government (for instance the Soviet Union) would create even greater disaster, which is why it must be kept secret.

Owens is much more amiable and open-minded than Dr. Brenner, showing a good bedside manner to Will during their checkups and refusing to immediately put the Upside Down tunnels through a full burn if it meant killing Will in the process. He is never shown treating anyone with deliberate cruelty (although he waited a bit too long when testing Will's connection to the Shadow Monster by burning a tendril).

He puts himself at risk of death in staying in the Labs during the lockdown to keep an eye out on the security cameras for Joyce, Hopper, and Bob, and is ultimately injured in the process. Following the closure of the Hawkins Laboratory, he cheerfully greets Hopper as "Chief-O," and helped arrange his official adoption of Eleven, suggesting that despite their previous adversity they have become friends.



Season Two appearances
MadMax Trick or Treat Freak The Pollywog
Will the Wise Dig Dug The Spy
The Lost Sister The Mind Flayer The Gate

Behind the scenes

The Duffer Brothers said in an interview that one of the new adult characters in Season Two is involved in Joyce's life, whereas the other is involved in the labs.[2] The identity of the character involved with the labs and the casting of Paul Reiser was announced on November 7, 2016.[3] Reiser previously played the villainous character Burke in Aliens, a 1986 James Cameron film that the Duffer Brothers named as an influence for Season 2.[4]


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