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Earl was a resident of Hawkins. A friend of Benny Hammond, Earl was present in Benny's Burgers on the day of Benny's death and gave witness to Police Chief Hopper.


Season One

Earl was at Benny's Burgers with a group of friends, including Henry, when a child entered during lunch and stole fries.[1] The following day, Benny was found dead in the diner and Earl was brought in for questioning. He told Chief Jim Hopper that Benny's apparent suicide did not make any sense. He had not been acting weird, and he was looking forward to go fishing with Earl down the Etowah next Sunday. He also told Hopper about the kid from the previous day, who Earl thought was a boy.[2]. The kid was actually Eleven, but Hopper however became suspicious that it may have been Will. He repeatedly questions Earl about whether there was any possibility of the kid being Will, to which Earl gives uncertain answers.


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