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Hawkins is a town in Roane County in the state of Indiana.


Hawkins was a quiet town. The last person to be reported missing prior to 1983 was in 1923.[1]

In November 1983, during experiments at Hawkins National Laboratory, a gate was opened to a dimension called the Upside Down, allowing a monster to enter Hawkins. The monster abducted Hawkins' residents and brought them to the Upside Down. Among its victims were Will Byers, who was brought home after a week, and Barbara Holland, who was killed in the Upside Down. The circumstances of their disappearance was covered up by the agents at Hawkins Lab.


Included and Nearby Locations


Main article: Downtown Hawkins

Roads and areas

Jonathan's map

Jonathan's map

Jonathan's map, marking the monster attacks.

Before Jonathan and Nancy went monster hunting, he showed her a map taken from a telephone directory, where he had marked the locations of the monster attacks: Steve's house, the place where Will's bike was found and the Byers' house. The map also showed the the names of several roads in Hawkins, which were probably the main roads.[4]

Streets going North-South: Johnson, Euclid, Monroe, Washington, Madison, Grant, Habersham, North Ave, Piedmont and Hill.

Streets going West-East: Broadway, Briarcliff, Jackson and Henry.

Behind the scenes

Stranger Things was filmed on location in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. The town square of Jackson in Butts County was used as the location for downtown Hawkins, and many of the stores were repainted and stocked with vintage merchandise for filming.

The show was originally set in Montauk, Long Island, as shown by the pilot script. For various reasons, the Duffers invented Hawkins and used it as the show's location instead.


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