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Kali Prasad[1], also known as Eight, is a recurring character introduced in the second season of Stranger Things. As a young girl, Kali was one of several test subjects experimented upon at Hawkins Lab. Ever since her escape, she has sought revenge for the injustices she suffered there.



Kali lived in London before she was abducted at a young age and taken to Hawkins National Laboratory. At the lab, she was given the number “008” and experimented on alongside Eleven and likely other children possessing abilities like herself. Together, her and Eleven would play in a room in the lab called the “rainbow room”. One day, when Kali went to the rainbow room, she discovered that Eleven had been taken away.

Once Kali's abilities were strong enough, she used them to escape the lab. She found a new family and home, but eventually lost them as they were unable to help her. She then began using her powers to get revenge on the people from the lab. At some point, she met Axel, Mick, Funshine, and later Dottie. The gang would pursue and kill the people from their pasts who had wronged them.

Season Two

On October 29, 1984, Kali and her gang had traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After the gang had successfully killed one of their targets, they were quickly pursued by the police. After entering a tunnel, Kali used her abilities to manipulate an officer into believing the tunnel had collapsed, allowing them to get away. The gang then fled to Chicago, residing in an abandoned warehouse.

Eleven discovered the existence of Kali through her mother and made it her mission to find her. Using her mother's files on missing children, Eleven came across a picture of young Kali and was able to guide herself to find her.

Kali first sees Eleven after she arrives and is being threatened by Axel. Kali uses her powers to make him see spiders, and Dottie tells her that she had a picture of Kali as a child. Eleven says that her Mother gave it to her, before demonstrating her powers for her and introducing herself as Jane. They show each other their tattoos and declare themselves sisters and hugging.

Kali takes Jane to the roof, and Jane explains her past, and that her Policeman thinks he can work out a deal with the Lab to let her go. Kali doesn't believe he can do this, as the Lab sees them as monsters, but that their "gifts" are not bad, and should not be hidden. Kali explains her illusion powers to her, and makes her a colorful butterfly. After Kali makes Jane a bed to sleep in for the night, she explains that she feels whole now that she has her sister. She says that she believes Terry sent Jane to Kali because the two of them belonged together.

After Jane falls asleep, Kali's group makes fun of her for looking like a farmer's girl, and Kali explains that Jane has the power to find people with nothing but a photograph, and they can use her to find another member of Hawkins Lab. Mick objects to the idea of hunting another man so soon, as they will be found, but Kali says that Jane is in pain and needs this, before declaring that they're going the next day.

Later, Kali wakes Jane up and re-introduces her to her gang, explaining that while they were not experimented on by the Lab, they were still outcasts and Kali brought them together. She then shows her photos of people who were responsible for the pain the gang went through, and explains that they hunt down the men to serve justice. She believes that killing the men is necessary, as they are criminals and simply getting what they deserve. Jane insists to the group that she has killed before, and that the people she had killed had hurt her; Kali explains that the people her gang hunts down still want to hurt them, but now they make the first move.

Kali takes Jane to a trainyard, explaining that she once kept her pain inside, only for it to fester, and she has healed by confronting her pain. She asks Jane to use her powers to move a train; though at first Jane is hesitant, Kali encourages her to focus only on the pain and anger from her past and use those emotions to move it. Jane succeeds in pushing the train closer to them, and Kali and her gang cheer her on.

Jane identifies a man in one of Kali's photographs as someone who hurt her Mother, and Kali remembers that he once attacked her with a cattle prod, identifying him as Ray Carroll. Jane manages to use her powers to find his location, and the gang agrees to go find him. Before they leave, they give Jane a makeover to look more like a Rebel.

On the way to Ray's apartment, the gang stops by a convenience store and Kali uses her powers to get the cashier into the bathroom so they can steal food and money. This backfires, as he leaves and points a gun at Axel and Kali. Kali tries to calm him down by claiming that they're only stealing from the criminals who own the store, and not him; when he doesn't back down, Jane tosses him across the room with her powers. The gang hastily escapes, as they hear Police approaching.

They finally arrive at Ray's apartment, and park outside. As Jane believes he is alone, and the gang breaks in. While Axel and Dottie start to rob him and Funshine guards, Kali and Jane confront Ray, unmasking and revealing themselves as the girls from the Lab. When Ray claims that he only did what he was told to do, Kali says that he still had a choice and chose to hurt them, and encourages Jane to use her powers against him. While Jane is temporarily stopped by Ray claiming that Brenner is still alive and he knows his location, Kali thinks he's lying to keep himself alive, and that if Brenner really is alive, Jane can find him (unaware that something else got to him first). Jane is about to kill him, when she sees a photograph of him with his daughters. Kali doesn't understand why Jane wants to show mercy, and her gang encourages her to leave before the Police arrive. Upset that Jane won't kill him, Kali takes out a gun and prepares to shoot him; however, Jane uses her powers to throw the gun out the window. The Police arrive, and the gang has to retreat. Kali is angry at Jane, not for showing mercy, but for taking away her own choice.

Back at their hideout, Kali approaches Jane's room and says that after she has been being hard on Jane because she sees her young self in her, and that Ray having children did not excuse what he had done to them. She says that after Jane had left the Rainbow Room, she had used her powers to escape the Lab and had hidden with people she trusted, but they couldn't help her and she eventually lost them. After that, Kali had decided to stop hiding and to use her powers against the people who had hurt her, and she wanted Jane to stop hiding. In an effort to make Jane face her problems, she conjures an image of Brenner in her head, which reduces a terrified Jane to tears. Kali then tells her that she can leave whenever she wants, but if she stays, the two of them could heal together, before leaving her alone.

Police swarm Kali's hideout, and she gathers the gang together, using her powers to turn them all invisible to their pursuers. They manage to escape to the van, but they have to dodge the police who are waiting for them outside. Kali makes the policemen believe that a wall has appeared in-between them and the van, and everyone hurries to escape before the illusion wears off. However, Jane tells her that she needs to leave and help her friends. Kali reminds her that they belong together, and the others cannot save her. Jane agrees, but says that she can save them, and leaves. The gang escapes the Police, but Kali is incredibly upset at her sister's departure, and stares out the window as they drive away.


Kali is a head strong independent young girl who uses her powers for the sake of robbery and revenge. Identifying as an outcast and stuck on the streets, Kali feels her life was destroyed by the people that took her away and seeks justice.

Despite Kali's upbringing and cold personality, she shows a different side to her friends and to Eleven. After being shown proof that Eleven is gifted like her, she instantly accepted her into the group and even trained her to use the pain of her past to empower her telekinesis. After Eleven decides to return to Hawkins, she is seen as visibly distraught and hurt.


Season Two appearances
MadMax Trick or Treat Freak The Pollywog
Will the Wise Dig Dug The Spy
The Lost Sister The Mind Flayer The Gate

Powers and Abilities

Kali has the psychic ability to induce mental hallucinations, causing her target to see and hear something that is not truly there. Kali can project the illusion to one or more people. The more complex or intense the illusion, the more strain it puts on her. Her power even allows her invisibility, as she was able to cloak herself and her friends in broad sight from police men to escape. She also displays a form of precognition, using it to guide her friends away from the authorities in Pittsburgh. Like Eleven, overuse causes her nose to bleed.

Behind the scenes

The character was first revealed in a casting call obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. She was billed as a series regular and described as "male or a female of any ethnicity between the ages of 30 and 38," meaning the character could end up being of either sex. The character was also referred to as "Roman".[2]

On November 7, 2016, it was announced that Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen had been cast for the role.[3]


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