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The subject of this article has not been given an official name. Any objections to the current title should be discussed on the article's talk page.

A tendril was found inside Will Byers' body while he was strung up in the Upside Down equivalent of Hawkinspublic library.


Season One

Joyce and Chief Hopper found Will Byers with the tendril in his mouth, extending through his esophagus, and into his stomach. Hopper pulled it out of his throat before shooting and killing it. [1]

Behind the Scenes

The tendril was made of rubber and edited with visual effects in the final version.[2]


  • While the official name of the "tendril" has not been clarified, it is referred to as such in the English closed captioning. Furthermore, the track played during the moment in which it is removed from Will's body is named "Tendril".



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