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This page serves as a list of minor characters in Stranger Things. The characters included on this page either did not play a major role in the story, or there is not enough information to warrant a full article. This list also includes unseen and mentioned characters.

Season One




Ally talking to Nancy.

Ally is a classmate of Nancy Wheeler. When Nancy noticed that Barbara Holland, a friend of hers, was not at school, she asked Ally in class if she saw Barb in the morning, to which she replied no. She is portrayed by Sierra Vemeyer.

English Teacher

Ep4-English Teacher

Nancy's English teacher reading Heart of Darkness.

An English teacher worked at Hawkins High, teaching Nancy Wheeler. He is portrayed by Danny Boushebel.

Funeral Director

Ep4-Funeral Director

The funeral director.

A funeral director helped Jonathan Byers plan his brother's funeral. He is portrayed by Jon Kohler.


Gary the coroner

Gary the coroner.

Gary was a coroner at the local morgue. Chief Hopper called Gary to the police station in order to question him about why he was unable to perform Will's autopsy. He expressed surprise that Will Byers was brought to his office with tight security, and that the state police claimed jurisdiction. He is portrayed by Mark Withers.

Greg McCorkle

Greg McCorkle

Greg and his friends and classmates laugh at Troy

Greg was a student at Hawkins Middle School, presumably the same grade as Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas. He appears in "The Body", taunting Troy after he urinates on himself due to Eleven. He was portrayed by Arthur Lee Dozier.

Ground Controller

Ep4-Ground Controller

The ground controller monitoring Shepard.

A ground controller monitored Shepard's expedition into the Upside Down. He was portrayed by Adam Gagan.

Hawkins High Principal


The principal of Hawkins High School.

A principal was the head of staff at Hawkins High School. Her voice could be heard on the telecom, and at one point she summons Nancy from a lesson to talk with police. She was portrayed by Salem Murphy.



Henry sits with Earl as they discuss sport with Benny

Henry was a towns-member of Hawkins, Indiana. Henry was at Benny's Burgers with a group of friends, including Earl, when a child entered during lunch and stole fries. Henry would later go hunting with Dale, a trip in which they would be killed by a creature from another dimension.



Jeffrey at the Store

Jeffrey was a retail clerk and Joyce's co-worker at Melvald's General Store.

Jennifer Hayes


Jennifer crying at Will's funeral.

Jennifer was a girl who went to Hawkins Middle. She attended Will Byers' funeral where she was seen crying by Dustin, hinting that she may have a crush on him. She is portrayed by Kaylee Glover.



Jen watches "The Thing" with Scott

Jen is the romantic partner of Scott Clarke. She and Scott were watching a movie when Dustin called to ask about sensory deprivation. She is portrayed by Jackie Dallas.

Morgue Worker

Ep4-Morgue Worker

The morgue worker trying to speak to Joyce.

A morgue worker worked at Roane County Coroner. This is a cameo appearance by executive producer Shawn Levy.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson

Ep5-Mr and Mrs Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson attending Will's funeral.

Ep5-Mrs Henderson

Mrs Henderson during Will's funeral.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson are the parents of Dustin Henderson. They attended the funeral of Will Byers. They were portrayed by Daniel Guttenberg and Tabitha Kilgore.

Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair

Mr and Mrs Sinclair

Mr and Mrs Sinclair attend Will's funeral with their son

Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair are the parents of Lucas Sinclair. They attended the funeral of Will Byers. They are portrayed by Bradford Haynes and Tara Wescott.

Pastor Charles

Pastor Charles

Pastor Charles delivers a eulogy

Pastor Charles delivered a eulogy at the funeral of Will Byers. He is portrayed by Bill Eudaly.



Patrick in his post outside Hawkins Lab

Patrick is a military police officer guarding the entrance at Hawkins National Laboratory. He initially denied Hopper and his officers entry to the premises, but Hopper managed to convince him. He is portrayed by Miles Mussenden.



Patty at her desk

Patty was the receptionist at Roane County Coroner. She is portrayed by Marianne Fraulo.



Robert spots Eleven after she enters Bradley's Big Buy.

Robert was the manager of Hawkins's Bradley's Big Buy. He is portrayed by Kevin Patrick Murphy.


Sandra-stranger things

Sandra talks to Jim

Sandra appeared to be a one night stand of Hopper's. She is portrayed by Bethany Anne Lind.


Ep8-Lab technician

The technician informing Hopper and Joyce of the Upside Down's toxic atmosphere.

A Hawkins Lab technician pointed Joyce and Hopper to some hazmat suits shortly before they entered the Upside Down, informing them of the alternate dimension's toxic atmosphere. He is portrayed by Lucius Baston.

Unnamed Agent

Ep1-Unnamed Agent

The agent entering Benny's Burgers.

An unnamed agent met with Brenner at Hawkins National Laboratory. He accompanied Brenner, as well as several other agents, to the Gate. The agent also accompanied Brenner, the lead agent, and Connie Frazier to Benny's Burgers in an attempt to capture Eleven. He is portrayed by Anthony Reynolds.

Unnamed Clerk


The clerk asking Robert what to do about Eleven.

An unnamed woman was a clerk at Hawkins's Bradley's Big Buy, assisting the store's manager, Robert. She is portrayed by Linda Kang.

Unnamed State Trooper

Ep4-State Trooper

The state trooper suspicious of Hopper.

On November 10, 1983, an unnamed state trooper guarded the room in Roane County Coroner in which dead bodies were stored. Chief Hopper, attempting to break into the room, tried to persuade the trooper to leave his post. Eventually Hopper resorted to punching him and rendering him unconscious, taking his ID pass. The trooper is portrayed by Ron Fallica.

Unnamed Test Subject

Ep4-Test Subject

The test subject reading a list of words.

An unnamed man served as a test subject during one of Eleven's tests. The man read out a series of words, which Eleven was tasked with repeating. He is portrayed by Jason Davis.

Unseen or Mentioned

Amy, Laurie & Becky

Amy, Laurie and Becky were all ex-girlfriends of Steve Harrington. It is implied that Steve had very unfaithful, noncommittal relationships with these girls.

Bev Mooney

Bev Mooney was an individual from Hawkins, Indiana who was close with Dale and Henry. After Dale and Henry failed to return home after a hunting trip, Bev became concerned and informed local police. Officer Callahan mentioned her while talking to Chief Hopper.


Bill is Diane's second husband. At some point after Hopper and Diane divorced, Diane began a relationship with Bill. The two eventually married and had at least one child together.

Blackburn Family

The Blackburn family lived next door to the Wheeler family. They had a baby.


Cathy was a friend (or relative) of Nancy Wheeler. Nancy had attended Cathy's birthday party at least once.

Chrissy Carpenter

At school, Hopper once had a sexual relationship with a girl named Chrissy Carpenter. He remarked about an occasion when his mom believed he was in the debate team, when he was really having sex with Chrissy in his dad's Oldsmobile.


Dale was a towns-member of Hawkins, Indiana. In November 1983, Dale went hunting with Henry. However, they were abducted and killed by the Monster.


Darlene was an aunt of Joyce Byers who possibly had mental health issues.

Eleanor Gillespie

Eleanor Gillespie was a resident of Hawkins. Hopper remarked that the "worst thing which happened" in his four years as Hawkins Chief of Police "was when an owl attacked Eleanor Gillespie's head because it thought that her hair was a nest".


Eric was Jonathan Byers' co-worker. On November 6, 1983, Eric asked Jonathan to cover him at work as he was busy.

Frank Sattler

Frank Sattler owns and operates the Sattler Company, which in turn owns the quarry in Hawkins as well as other quarries throughout Roane County.

George Burness

At some point, a Hawkins resident named George Burness told Officer Callahan than he had, while being drunk, supposedly jumped into the local quarry for a bet. However, Hopper strongly suspected that George was lying, as he knew that hitting the water after such an immense fall would "break every damn bone in your body".

Mr. Mundy

Mr. Mundy was a math teacher at Hawkins High. He had an antagonistic relationship with his student Carol.

Phil Larson

Phil Larson was an individual living in Hawkins, Indiana. On multiple occasions kids stole gnomes from his garden, with Phil notifying the local police.


Phyllis was a lunchlady at Hawkins Middle. While looking for food to help 'charge' Eleven, Dustin and Lucas found her secret stash of chocolate pudding.

Sandy Sloane

Sandy Sloane was a local grief counselor from the church over in Jonesboro. She spoke at an assembly at Hawkins Middle after the apparent "death" of Will Byers.

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