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This page serves as a list of minor locations in Stranger Things.

Bradley's Big Buy

Bradleys Big Buy sign

The Bradley's Big Buy sign.

Bradley's Big Buy was a supermarket located in Hawkins. Eleven robbed the supermarket of several boxes of frozen Eggos, causing damage to the store in the process.


Etowah is a river in or close to Hawkins. Benny Hammond and his friend Earl had plans to go there fishing before Benny's death.[1]


The Hawk was a cinema located in downtown Hawkins. Steve, Tommy and Carol sprayed derogatory messages on the front billboard, after Steve thought he saw his girlfriend Nancy sleep with Jonathan which caused both Steve and Jonathan having a fight.

Hawkins General Hospital

Hawkins General Hospital was a hospital located in Hawkins, Indiana. Will Byers was brought there by his mother Joyce and Chief Hopper to recover after his ordeal in the Upside Down. While there, he was met by his brother Jonathan, his friends Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair, as well as Mike's sister Nancy.


Hideaway sign

The Hideaway sign.

The Hideaway was a pub located somewhere in Hawkins. Hopper went to this pub in order to question David O'Bannon about his discovery of Will's "body". When David refused to answer him, Hopper violently beat him outside the pub to get more information.

Melvald's General Store

The General Store

Melvald's General Store.

Melvald's General Store was run by Donald Melvald and employed Joyce Byers and Jeffrey. The store was located in downtown Hawkins, next to the RadioShack.



S1E2 - RadioShack

The Radioshack.

A RadioShack store was located in downtown Hawkins, next to Melvald's General Store. Bob Newby ran this RadioShack.


Roane County Coroner

Roane County Coroner

Roane County Coroner was a coroner's and morgue located in Hawkins, Indiana, where Will Byers' corpse was stored. Chief Hopper broke into the morgue, cutting open the body with a knife. As he suspected, the body was fake and filled with stuffing.


  • Gary - Coroner
  • Patty - Receptionist
  • Unnamed morgue worker


  1. Season 1 Episode 2 "The Weirdo on Maple Street"

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