The third season of Stranger Things was officially green-lit on December 1, 2017.[2] It is currently in development. An official release date has yet to be revealed, though production will begin on April 23[3], with a possible 2019 release date.

The season will have a time jump like the previous season,[4] and will be focusing on "forces of evil that are new."[5]

Cast and characters


The Duffers stated they wanted to start the third season with a clean slate, intentionally ending the previous season with few cliffhangers.[6] They also hinted that several ideas that didn't make it in the second season may be used.[4] By mid-November, the season was in the early stages of development.[7] In January, producer Shawn Levy revealed that all of the characters' story lines have already been planned out, and that the season will have eight or nine episodes, depending on the "amount of story that excites them." Levy also confirmed that Will Byers will not be the main victim this season, and that the friendship between Dustin Henderson and Steve Harrington will continue.[5] In February, TVLine announced the season will have eight episodes. [1]


According to actor David Harbour, production is scheduled to begin in April 2018.[8] TVLine additionally reported that production is slated to begin in mid-April.[1] According to SpoilerTV, filming will begin on April 23, and end on September 14.[3]


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