Stranger Things: The Game is a mobile game by BonusXP, Inc. for iOS and Android released on October 4, 2017.

The game's events take place after season one and before season two.


The gameplay is akin to adventure games from the SNES era, most notably The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Because the game is only playable on touch screen devices, game mechanics have been heavily simplified: everything from character movement, to combat, to inspecting and activating items can be achieved by tapping the screen. The game uses a 16-bit art style and is played in an overhead view. There are two game modes: Normal and Classic. In Classic mode, players are returned to the beginning of dungeons upon death, and enemies respawn even after dungeons have been completed.

Playable Characters

There are a total of eight playable characters. Characters 1-7 have been available since the first version of the game, while the eighth was added with the October 25th Update, published in occasion of the Season 2 beginning.

Character Maximum Damage Weapon & Skills Upgrades
Super Punch: Extra Knockback

Can charge at full health

Canadian Tuxedo: Gives Hopper +1 damage and +1 charge range at full health.
Wrist Rocket: Ranged Attack

Double damage at full health

Camo Backpack (x3): Gives Lucas +25 Rock capacity.
Lil Slugger: Destroys Breakables

Huge knockback at full health

Aluminum Bat: Gives Nancy a 2 damage attack.

Spiked Bat: Gives Nancy a 3 damage attack.

Flashlight: Stuns enemies

Bike: Jumps ramps, Fast travel

D-Cell Flashlight: Doubles Mike's stun duration.
5 (critical only)
Tight Squeeze: Crawl through pipes

Rapid move & attack low health

Lucky D20: Gives Will a 5 damage critical strike.
Pudding: Distracts enemies

Enemies drop hearts at low health

Lunchbox: Gives Dustin +50 Pudding capacity.
Pool Portal: Teleport between Baths

High knockback at full health

Maple Syrup: Gives Eleven a 3 damage attack.
Coin Toss: Throw coins at the enemy

Stun enemies at full health

Hockey Mask: Gives Max a 2 damage attack.

Plot synopsis

Late at night, Hopper receives a phone call from Flo, who tells him the Byers boy and his friends have gone missing.

Chapter 1: The Lost Boys

Hopper goes to Hawkins National Laboratory with Officer Powell to start searching for the missing boys.

Chapter 2: The Gate

Hopper and Lucas go into The Upside Down and the woods to find Nancy who went into The Upside Down thinking she could find Barb.

Chapter 3: The Voice in the Radio

Nancy tells Hopper that Mike might be at Hawkins Middle School.

Chapter 4: Fire and Water

Mike gets a call from Will who is in the sewers, they need dynamite to get inside.

Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark

The boys figure Dustin would hide in the library so the investigation continues there.

Chapter 6: The Hydra

Hopper figures all the gates to The Upside Down that have been appearing around town have been coming from the depths of Hawkins National Laboratory, as the gang gets to the bottom they find the Tentacle Hydra




An Eggo.

In total, there are eight Eggos the player can collect. The first six are obtained by defeating the six dungeons while the last two require the player to search for and find them. Once all eight are collected and placed into Hopper's lockbox, Eleven will be unlocked as a playable character and will automatically be available in the party in every subsequent save.


  • Eggo #1: Obtained after beating the boss of Hawkins National Laboratory.
  • Eggo #2: Obtained after beating the boss of the Forest Maze.
  • Eggo #3: Obtained after beating the boss of Hawkins Middle School.
  • Eggo #4: Obtained after beating the boss of the Sewers.
  • Eggo #5: Obtained after beating the boss of the Public Library.
  • Eggo #6: Obtained after beating the boss of the Hawkins Lab Bunker.
  • Eggo #7: Found in the refrigerator in the Wheelers' house.
  • Eggo #8: Found behind a breakable wall in the back of Bradley's Big Buy.

VHS Tapes


A VHS tape.

There are eight VHS tapes for the player to collect. While one can be found in each of the six dungeons, the last two are hidden elsewhere. Once all eight have been found, an exclusive clip from the second season can be viewed in the movie theatre.


  • VHS Tape #1: In Hawkins Lab east of the boss room.
  • VHS Tape #2: In the northwest part of the Forest Maze.
  • VHS Tape #3: East in Hawkins Middle School.
  • VHS Tape #4: East in the Sewers.
  • VHS Tape #5: Can be found in the Public Library after the player has beaten the dungeon.
  • VHS Tape #6: In the first room of the Bunker.
  • VHS Tape #7: In Hopper's trailer.
  • VHS Tape #8: In The Palace arcade.



A Gnome.

Twelve gnomes are scattered throughout Hawkins for the player to find. Returning them to Phil Larson's garage (located west of the High School) unlocks character upgrades. Returning 3 gnomes rewards Lucas with a Camo Backpack that increases his rock capacity by 25. Returning 6 gnomes grants Mike a D-cell flashlight giving him a longer stun duration. Returning 9 gnomes gives Will the Lucky D20, which gives his kicks a 5 damage critical hit. Returning all 12 rewards Dustin with a lunchbox which increases his pudding capacity by 50.


  • Gnome #1 (David): Behind Hopper's trailer.
  • Gnome #2 (Bumble): East in the Forest Maze through a pipe.
  • Gnome #3 (Grumble): Down a path east of Hawkins Laboratory.
  • Gnome #4 (Tumble): Woods south of the Middle School.
  • Gnome #5 (Sam): North in the Middle School behind a breakable wall.
  • Gnome #6 (Pipsy): Corn field next to the graveyard.
  • Gnome #7 (Tipsy): Woods west of the main entrance to the Sewers.
  • Gnome #8 (Robil): Through a pipe in Hawkins Lab.
  • Gnome #9 (Bobil): First room of the Sewers.
  • Gnome #10 (Wigglebum): In the Public Library south of the room with the gate.
  • Gnome #11 (Lord Twinklenose): House with a blue roof west of Hawkins High School.
  • Gnome #12 (Pop): Quarry passed the bear.


  • When a character (excluding Eleven) inspects a telephone, they say the phrase "Who ya gonna call?", referencing the 1984 film Ghostbusters.
  • The title of the game's first chapter is a nod to the 1987 film The Lost Boys.
  • When Hopper inspects the Upside Down version of the Heathkit, he utters the phrase "Is someone speaking Russian?", possibly alluding to the Russian Agent from season one.
  • When the player inspects a television while playing as Eleven, she will say the phrase "They're here...", referencing the 1982 film Poltergeist.
  • The entrance to the Forest Maze, is similar to the one to enter the first dungeon in Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • The entire secret boss in the high school is a reference to pacman from the level design to the four characters with the colours of blue, red, pink and orange.

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