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Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (born February 15, 1984), known professionally as The Duffer Brothers are brother American directors, editors, actors, producers and writers. They are twin brothers most known for their creation Stranger Things, a Netflix original television show.





Year Title Credits Notes
2005 We All Fall Down Directors and writers Short
2006 The Big Toe Editors Short
2007 Eater Directors and editors Short
2008 Saturday Night at Norm's Producers Short
2008 The Milkman Producers and actors Short. Matt played an officer, Ross played a driveby thug
2009 Abraham's Boys Directors, writers, producers and editors Short (screenplay), second hand director
2009 Road to Moloch Writers Short (screenplay)
2012 Vessel Co-writers Short film; co-writer
2015 Hidden Directors and writers First feature film
2015 Wayward Pines Writers and producers 4 episodes written, (co-executive) producer of 2 episodes
2016 Stranger Things Creators, directors, writers and producers 5 episodes directed, 3 episodes written, (executive) producers of 8 episodes


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