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"Chapter Nine: The Gate" is the seventeenth episode of Stranger Things and the ninth and final episode of the second season. It premiered on October 27, 2017. 


Eleven makes plans to finish what she started while the survivors turn up the heat on the monstrous force that's holding Will hostage.


As the demodogs surround the house, Eleven arrives and stops them. Eleven finally reunites with her friends. After an emotional reunion with Mike, Mike figures out that Hopper had been hiding her the whole time and so he blames him. However, they reconcile and start forming a plan.

Eleven reunites with Mike after almost a year.

While Eleven assures Hopper that she can close the Gate, Mike points out that it may kill the whole Mind Flayer's army, Will included. Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy plan to force the Mind Flayer out of Will by exposing him to extreme heat. While they do that, Eleven and Hopper plan to head to Hawkins National Laboratory to close the Gate. Before going, Eleven promises Mike that he will not lose her again.

Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Max are left at the Byers house under Steve's supervision. As Mike is concerned about Eleven and warns them that the Lab is swarming with too many Demodogs, the kids plan to create a distraction by burning the tunnels and drawing the Demodogs away from the Gate, giving Eleven and Hopper enough time to close the gate. But Steve rebuffs it and refuses.

Billy arrives at the Byers house looking for Max and briefly fights with Steve. Eventually, Billy in turn, is sedated by Max. The kids take
Hive Mind

The kids enter the Hive Mind.

Billy's car and head for the tunnels with an unconscious Steve. Even though Steve protests, the kids enter the tunnels and Dustin manages to convince Steve to help them. Reaching the tunnels, they head in and soak the place in gasoline and then start burning it, causing the demodogs to come after them, but leaving the Gate clear for Hopper and Eleven, also affecting Will as well. On the way out, they encounter Dart; Dustin calms him long enough for them all to pass by unharmed.
Dr owens stranger things 2 finale

Hopper finds Dr. Owens badly injured.

Meanwhile, Hopper and Eleven reach the labs, finding everyone massacred by the Demodogs, and encounter Dr. Owens who is severly injured. As Hopper patches him up, Hopper reveals that he has been protecting Eleven for about a year and suggests Dr. Owens to help her lead a normal life after everything she's doing to save everybody's lives, instead of being treated like an experiment, if possible.

Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy expose Will to extreme heat, who under the Mind Flayer's control, unconsciously starts choking his mother, before Nancy burns his hand with a fire poker.

Hopper, who prepares to attack the swarming Demodogs, is surprised to see them flee away. The Mind Fla

Eleven channels her strength to close the Mind Flayer's gate.

yer is successfully expelled from Will and so, hearing the news, Hopper and Eleven reach the gate.

Eleven is surprised to see the Mind Flayer's Gate being grown so large and holds Hopper's hands in fear. As Hopper assures her, Eleven becomes confident in her strength. When Eleven starts using her powers to close the Gate, the Mind Flayer senses her strength and sends all the Demogorgons to attack her. Hopper defends Eleven from the swarming Demodogs as she closes the Gate, remembering all the trauma she went through to empower herself to seal the Gate. Despite the Mind Flayer's attempts, Eleven successfully channels her strength and closes the portal she opened, ending the threat of the Upside Down once and for all, as well as killing all the remaining Demogorgons in the process.

A month later, Murray Bauman watches as Hawkins lab is shut down in the wake of the revelations. Barb is given a proper funeral. Hopper meets with Dr. Owens who gives him a forged birth certificate for Eleven, which says she is officially Hopper's daughter now, though he reminds Hopper to wait a while to be safe. Hopper asks Dr. Owens to give Eleven a night out. At night, Hopper meets Joyce and calms her who is devastated by Bob's death.

At the school, all
Snow Ball

The kids enjoy the school dance.

the kids attend the annual Snow Ball. Max and Lucas dance and Nancy feeling pity, dances with Dustin. Mike and Eleven reunite again and they dance, sharing a kiss.

As the kids enjoy the school dance, in the Upside Down, the Mind Flayer is still alive and looms over the school.




  • "The Way We Were" by Barbra Streisand.
  • "I Do Believe (I Fell in Love)" by Donna Summer.
  • "I See Charcoal (You See Scarlet)" by Cameron Brooks.
  • "Rare Bird" by Tangerine Dream- When the military locks up and closes Hawkins Lab.
  • "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms- Everyone getting ready for the Snow Ball.
  • "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar- Steve dropping Dustin at the Snow Ball.
  • "Twist of Fate" by Olivia Newton-John- Steve stares at Nancy in the school hall as he prepares to drive off.

  • "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper- Hopper comforts Joyce's grief by sharing cigarette.
  • "Every Breath You Take" by The Police- When Eleven makes it to the Snow Ball and Mike dances with her.

Original Score

  • "Levitation"- When Eleven channels her strength to close the Mind Flayer's Gate.
  • "What Else Did You See?"- Joyce asking El what saw in her visions when checking Will.
  • "Symptoms" -The group plans to save Will by forcing the Mind Flayer out.
  • "Never Tell" -When Hopper finds Dr. Owens severely injured and suggests him to help Eleven to lead a normal life after everything she's done for everybody's safety.
  • "The Hub" -When the kids reach the Hive Mind and begin soaking the tunnel in petrol.
  • "Crib" -Will is saved and is given a hug by his mother and brother.



  • On August 31, 2016, the second season was announced through a trailer published across social media, listing the titles of the nine episodes. The trailer shows that the ninth episode was originally titled "The Lost Brother". The new title of the episode "The Gate" was revealed on October 27. 
  • Mike takes Eleven to the Snow Ball school dance, which he promised to take her to in the Season 1 Finale.