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The Demogorgon, also known as the Monster, was a predatory humanoid creature that entered Hawkins, Indiana in November 1983. The creature originated from the parallel dimension known as the Upside Down. When Eleven, a psychic test subject from Hawkins National Laboratory, made inter-dimensional contact with it, a gate between dimensions opened at the lab.

The creature passed through, terrorizing Hawkins for approximately a week. It abducted various residents and took them back to the Upside Down, usually killing them. The friends and family of Will Byers, one of the Demogorgon's victims, slowly began to uncover the truth about the creature, with the help of the escaped Eleven. The creature was finally defeated and destroyed by Eleven in a showdown at Hawkins Middle School.



A test subject with psychic powers labeled Eleven was placed into a sensory deprivation tank as one of Hawkins National Laboratory's experiments; this allowed Eleven to delve into a deeper psychic state. Although she successfully eavesdropped on a Russian spy as instructed, she unwittingly came across the Monster. Eleven's instincts urged her to stay away from it; she panicked, and the experiment was aborted.


The Demogorgon being approached by Eleven.

Dr. Martin Brenner was intrigued by the creature, repeating the experiment on November 6, 1983. This time, Brenner ordered Eleven to make contact. As Eleven psychically approached the Monster, she could see it feeding off an otherworldly egg. With great hesitancy, she made contact. In that exact moment, a gate to the Monster's dimension cracked open in the wall of the tank room, allowing the creature to pass through. Eleven managed to exit the tank and escape the lab amidst the ensuing chaos. An unnamed scientist was not so lucky; the Monster caught him as he tried to operate an elevator.


Ep1-Monster on Mirkwood

The Demogorgon appearing before Will Byers on Mirkwood.

The Monster had the ability to travel between dimensions on a whim, creating temporary portals in the fabric of reality. The Monster arrived at Mirkwood, a road near a local forest, where it stalked Will Byers on his way home. The Monster chased Will as he entered his house, forcing Will to run to his garden shed. Will hid in the shed, loading a rifle in self-defense, but the Monster simply appeared behind him, taking him into the Upside Down.

Once in the Upside Down, Will managed to evade the creature for almost a week, and began attempting to communicate with his mother. Joyce and Will had some success, with Will manipulating the electricity in his home dimension, although these attempts would sometimes attract the monster. In an early attempt, Joyce saw her house wall become warped and distorted as the Monster started to break through, terrifying her. In a later attempt, the Monster broke clean through, although Joyce managed to outrun it.

Meanwhile, Will's friends Mike, Lucas, and Dustin began investigating Will's disappearance. Mike noted a strange coincidence linking the disappearance with a recent "Dungeons & Dragons" campaign. During the campaign, Will's player character was defeated by the fearsome Demogorgon; hours later, Will had vanished from real life. The group began to hypothesize that the Monster may have really existed, and was responsible for Will's disappearance. From this point on, the group began referring to the creature as "the Demogorgon".

Scientists at Hawkins Lab began investigating the dimension, discovering exactly what it contained. One such scientist entered through the Gate, wearing a hazmat suit linked to a chain rope. The scientist was savaged and killed by the Demogorgon almost immediately after entering the dimension. The Demogorgon hunted and killed other people and creatures, being particularly lured by blood. Barbara Holland, hunters Dale and Henry, and a wounded deer were all victims. After Nancy Wheeler entered the Upside Down through a temporary portal, she witnessed the Demogorgon as it feasted on the deer. The Demogorgon noticed her, chasing her until she returned through the portal.

Will eventually succumbed to exhaustion, lying in his makeshift fort. The Demogorgon found him, breaking through the fort wall and taking him to the Upside Down library.

Nancy and Jonathan Byers later exploited the Demogorgon's attraction to blood to ambush it. With the aid of Steve, they severely injured the beast, setting it alight - however, it survived and slipped into the Upside Down. The Demogorgon left the Byers house and headed to the library, leaving a trail of blood.

Eleven killed a large number of government agents at Hawkins Middle School, defending herself, along with Mike, Lucas and Dustin. The Demogorgon was attracted by pools of spilled blood, breaking through the wall. The Demogorgon began began a spree of violence, attacking Dr. Brenner as surviving agents opened gunfire.

Ep8-Monster destroyed by Eleven

Eleven destroying the Demogorgon.

For a while, the four kids outran and evaded the creature, hiding in their science teacher's classroom. Eventually, the Demogorgon found them, breaking into the room and attacking them. Eleven confronted the creature, pinning it against the blackboard with her mind. After wishing farewell to her friends, she proceeded to disintegrate the creature, vanishing as well in the process.


The Demogorgon is tall and thin with a humanoid figure. Its head has no facial features and opens like a flower to reveal nothing but teeth. It bears clawed feet and hands, and its skin appears to be coated in fluids.

After being set on fire by Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve, the Demogorgon's body was covered in burns.


Most knowledge on the Demogorgon is highly speculative - even Dr. Brenner admitted that he and his peers had limited understanding of the creature. That being said, the behavior of the beast is "predictable" as Brenner remarked, comparing it to a typical predator. Nancy made similar associations: she compared the creature to lions and coyotes due to their shared tendency to hunt at night. She noted that the solitary nature of the creature was similar to that of a bear.

Nancy also theorized that the Demogorgon was attracted to blood, comparing it to a shark. This ability to detect blood appeared incredibly potent; it was aware of small quantities of it, even when separated by dimension, as shown in the moments before Barbara Hollands death. However, the creature was not exclusively drawn by blood; Joyce and Will Byers, as well as various Hawkins Lab scientists, were attacked by the beast despite seemingly not bleeding. It is unknown if the creature was attracted to anything else, though one distinct possibility is sound: when Nancy ventured into the Upside Down, the Demogorgon was unaware of her presence until she made noise. Since sound from the human dimension was audible from the Upside Down, the ability to hear these noises would have greatly aided the creature while hunting. It is also possible that, like many predators, the Demogorgon simply took any opportunity to hunt and acquire prey, and wasn't drawn by any specific stimuli.

The Demogorgon had the ability to travel between dimensions on a whim, creating temporary portals or wounds in the fabric of reality. How or why the Demogorgon possessed this ability is unclear, though it only became aware of and started traveling to the human dimension after the moment of contact with Eleven. Mr. Clarke, the boys' science teacher, remarked that interdimensional travel would require "a massive amount of energy, more than humans are currently capable of creating"; going by this logic, the Demogorgon must have wielded a great deal of energy while dimension-traveling. Nearby lights and electricity would constantly flicker on and off while the Demogorgon did so, which suggests that creating these portals did indeed involve huge volumes of energy.

The Demogorgon was hostile every time it was encountered, immediately pursuing anything which took its attention. It generally used instinct and brute strength, rather than intelligence, to get through obstacles; the main exception to this being the use of telekinesis to unlock the Byers' front door (an act which was remarkably similar to Eleven's use of her abilities). The Demogorgon generally hunted in close proximity to Mirkwood, with the Middle School being the furthest it ever traveled in pursuit of prey. The reasons for this are unclear, though this was potentially motivated by Mirkwood's close proximity to Hawkins Lab and the Gate.

The motivations behind the Demogorgon's hunt for prey were neither straightforward nor easily explained. On some occasions, it devoured prey, such as the wounded deer. However, it would sometimes take captured victims, such as Will Byers, to the alternate version of the public library, which housed something resembling a nest. The exact reason for this is unclear, but one possibility is that the creature intended to devour him at a later time. Considering Demogorgon larvae were observed to be inhabiting the bodies of at least two of the Demogorgon’s victims (Will and Barb), it can also be surmised it was for reproductive purposes. These possibilities are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Furthermore, the Demogorgon could be seen hunkered over large, yellow eggs, feeding off them. It’s not clear whether or not these were the creature’s offspring, or if they were even the same species.

It is unknown how, when, where and why the Demogorgon was born or created. While it potentially hatched from one of the aforementioned eggs, there is currently a lack of evidence to support this theory.

It is currently unknown if this individual Demogorgon was under the control of the Mind Flayer.


The Demogorgon possessed several unique abilities:

  • Strength - The Demogorgon is a creature that has an outstanding and extraordinary strength. It can break through solid walls and is able to easily overpower and carry a fully grown man.
  • Durability - Due to its durable skin and tough body, the Demogorgon can withstand massive amounts of bullets from several firearms and several beatings from a baseball bat with nails. However, not even its durable skin can withstand Eleven's power of biokinesis, which seemingly killed the Demogorgon.
  • Regenerative Healing - After being beaten and burning in a fire, the Demogorgon manages to heal its injuries after a certain period of time.
  • Blood detection - The Demogorgon is strongly attracted to blood and can even sense the tiny droplets from different dimensions.
  • Interdimensional travel - The Demogorgon is able to pull individuals, such as Will Byers and Barbara Holland, into the Upside Down and can enter Hawkins through temporary tears in space time. This creates a spatial distortion similar to a wall bending outward and eventually ripping open.
  • Telekinesis: The Demogorgon appears to have some form of telekinetic power. It unlocked the hatch on the Byers' front door while pursuing Will. It is also possible that it used this power to pull in the deer, however, this has not been made entirely clear.




Behind the scenes

The Duffer Brothers described the Demogorgon as "an interdimensional being that has more in common with the shark from Jaws than Pennywise from It. When the monster enters our dimension, it’s like a shark breaching the water. Very much like a shark, it drags its prey back into its home, where it feeds."[2]

Many of the scenes with the Demogorgon were done practically, with Mark Steger portraying the Demogorgon in a suit with an animatronic head. CGI was used for scenes that required the Demogorgon to do things a man in a suit couldn't possibly do.

Conception and design

The Duffer Brothers had a lifelong dream to create a monster for the screen.[2]

The artists at Aaron Sims Creative were given the task of designing the look of the Demogorgon, with the description of a "humanoid creature with no face, just a mouth." From the very beginning, the Duffers wanted the creature to be humanoid and grotesque, with the creature designs of H.R. Giger, Clive Barker, Guillermo del Toro and Masahiro Ito being influential to the Demogorgon’s appearance because of their "strangeness."[2][3]The artists went through several early concepts, some of which were "more monstrous in shape, even more asymmetrical." Ultimately, they were inspired by nature when they came up with the flower petal-like mouth in the first week, a design which really resonated with the Duffers. [4]


See Also: Special Effects

Having grown up on genre films before computer graphics, the Duffer Brothers wanted to go back to using practical horror elements and using a person in a suit that could interact with the actors in real time. "There was something about the effects being so tangible in those films that made them especially terrifying to us when we were kids."[2][5]

Spectral Motion, a makeup and creature effects studio which has worked on productions such as Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, was given the task of building the Demogorgon. They only had a span of two months to complete the project, leaving almost no room for error.[2]

The process began with a scan of Mark Stegar's body, from which a full-size form was created that the body of the Demogorgon was sculpted onto. Animatronics were installed in the head and arms, which had to be operated with a remote control.[6] Stegar often had to wear metal stilts that elevated him nearly ten inches. Despite the suit's complexity, it only took half an hour to 40 minutes to put on and only weighed approximately 30 pounds.[7]


The Demogorgon's animatronic head in motion.

The animatronic head consisted of 26 motors, and the noise they produced often made hearing directions difficult for Stegar.[7] The animatronics were also designed in such a way that the “petals” would move uniquely each time they opened. When the Duffers first saw the Demogorgon's mouth open, they were blown away, saying “It felt organic. Creepy. Real.” For the shots where the creature's mouth was open, Stegar's exposed face would be removed digitally and replaced with a mouthpiece that was also created by Spectral Motion.[2][8]

The CGI enhancements and effects were handled by Aaron Sims Creative.[5]


649c40e0-3499-0134-0660-062f3a35be5f. Demogorgan

The Demogorgon Dungeons & Dragons figure, used by Eleven to symbolize the Monster.

  • The Demogorgon received its nickname from Eleven using the Demogorgon game piece to show that Will was hiding from it.
    • In D&D lore, Demogorgon is a demon prince with two heads that strive to dominate one another, but are unable to do so.
    • In mythology, Demogorgon is a god or demon associated with the underworld, and whose name is taboo.
  • It is currently unknown how exactly the Demogorgon can sense blood, as it appears to only have a "mouth" and no other visible orifices that could be used for scent.
  • Though the Demogorgon can use telekinesis, it only exercises this ability twice: when it unlocked the Byers' front door and presumably when it pulled in the deer.
  • While the Demogorgon exclusively hunted at night, Nancy saw it at daytime as she looked for Barb. This was done for storytelling purposes.[4]
  • The Demogorgon was killed in Mr. Clarke's classroom.
  • It was hinted that the falling ash-like spores present in the Upside Down have a possible direct connection to the Demogorgon. [4]
  • The Demogorgon's open mouth somewhat resembles a Rafflesia arnoldi, a flower with the odor of decaying flesh, earning it the nickname "corpse flower." Furthermore, its teeth are similar to those of the leatherback sea turtle.
  • In the original pilot script, people would bleed from their nose and ears when in contact with the Demogorgon, similar to how Eleven bleeds when using her telekinetic powers.
  • In the Dungeons & Dragons game in "The Vanishing of Will Byers", Will uses fireball against the Demogorgon, possibly foreshadowing Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve setting the Demogorgon alight in "The Upside Down".
  • The twin toddlers who portray Holly Wheeler, as well as Millie's younger sister Ava, were initially frightened by the practical Demogorgon suit. To calm them down, a crew member told them that it was a benevolent monster from the Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc.[2]
  • If one looks closely, it can be seen that the shot of the Demogorgon attacking Barb in "The Weirdo on Maple Street" was reused in "The Monster", when the Demogorgon notices Eleven's presence. This was possibly done because of budget limitations or time constraints.
  • When asked if the Demogorgon was some kind of plant due to its appearance, Mark Steger responded that it was a fair speculation, adding that he feels it's "more mushroom, which is kind of between plant and animal. "[7]


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