The Palace was a local arcade in Hawkins. It featured a variety of games, including Dragon's Lair, Dig Dug, Galaga, and Pac-Man, as well as several pinball games. Keith worked at the arcade.

Behind the scenes

The Duffer Brothers revealed that their very first idea for the second season was to introduce a local arcade, stating that "We love board games but in truth have spent more time playing video games, so we wanted to weave them into the fabric of the show."[1]

The filming location for the arcade was an old laundromat located on 6500 Church Street in Douglasville, Georgia. The laundromat was renovated and converted into an arcade for the show.[2]

All the games on set were playable, so the cast and crew were able to play them between takes.[1]



  • The arcade's name is a nod to the Crystal Palace from the 1983 film WarGames. [1]


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