Timeline of events in Stranger Things.


The town of Hawkins was founded some time in the late 1800's.







  • The last time a person committed suicide in Hawkins.[1]


Unknown dates

Stranger Things 1x08 – Sarah and Hopper reading
  • Sarah Hopper is born to Jim and Diane. She passes away from what is seemingly cancer at a young age.[3]
  • Terry Ives participates in MKUltra while unknowingly pregnant under the supervision of Dr. Martin Brenner.
  • Kali is taken from her home in London and taken to Hawkins National Laboratory. She eventually escapes the lab.


March 22




Unknown dates

Holly Jolly S01-E03 SS 003
  • Eleven breaks a Coca Cola can with telekinetic powers under the supervision of Dr. Brenner in Hawkins National Laboratory.[6]
  • Eleven is forced to kill a cat, but can‘t do it. As she is about to get locked up, she kills two guards with her powers.[6]
  • Eleven is made to repeat words a man in another room is saying, and manages to broadcast them on speakers.[7]


June or later
Stranger Things 1x02 – Jonathan and Will Listen to Music


Unknown dates

The Flea and the Acrobat S01-E05 SS 001
  • Eleven is put in a sensory deprivation tank to watch a Russian spy in another location, and she encounters the monster.[10]

Sunday, November 6

"The Vanishing of Will Byers"

Stranger Things 1x01 – The Monster on Mirkwood
The Vanishing of Will Byers S01-E01 SS 002
  • Will Byers is abducted by the monster.
  • Hundreds of homes in East Hawkins have surges and power outages.

Monday, November 7

The Vanishing of Will Byers

Stranger Things 1x01 – Hawkins Lab Scientists Flashlights
The Vanishing of Will Byers S01-E01 SS 003
  • Eleven walks into Benny's Burgers. Benny Hammond feeds her and calls social services.
  • Hopper and his team search the woods and find Will‘s bike. They go to the Byers home to investigate further, and Hopper experiences strange noises in the shed.
  • Agents arrive to capture Eleven and Connie Frazier kills Benny. Eleven escapes, killing two agents in the process.
The Vanishing of Will Byers S01-E01 SS 004
  • Joyce receives a phone call where she hears only breathing and growling, and is electrocuted by the phone.
  • Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson search for Will in the woods, but stumble upon Eleven.
Stranger Things 1x02 – Eleven brought home to Mike

"The Weirdo on Maple Street"

  • Mike brings Eleven to his home and lets her sleep in the basement for the night.

Tuesday, November 8

"The Weirdo on Maple Street"

Stranger Things 1x02 – Eleven's Nosebleed
  • After searching for Will the entire night, the police and volunteers still have no clues, but continue their search throughout the day.
  • Mike stays home from school with Eleven and she recognizes Will in a photo. She demonstrates her telekinetic abilities in front of Mike, Dustin and Lucas.
Stranger Things 1x02 – Brenner in the Shed
  • Agents from Hawkins Lab, covering as Hawkins Power and Light, investigate the shed at the Byers' residence and find material from The Upside Down.
  • Jonathan Byers hangs missing posters at Hawkins High School and travels to his father to search for Will.
  • There is an assembly on the football field of Hawkins High School for the disappearance of Will.
  • Benny Hammond is found dead in his diner and it's been staged to look like a suicide.
Stranger Things 1x02 – Eleven explaining the Upside Down
Stranger Things 1x02 – Joyce in Will's Room
  • Eleven says Will is hiding, flips the Dungeons & Dragons board upside down and places the Demogorgon game piece on the board to demonstrate that he's hiding in The Upside Down and the monster is after him.
  • Nancy Wheeler and Barbara Holland go to Steve Harrington‘s party, where Barbara, sitting alone by the pool, is dragged into The Upside Down. Jonathan Byers takes pictures from the forest.
  • Joyce receives another phone call with strange noises. The lights intensify and the song "Should I Stay or Should I Go" plays from Will‘s room. The monster stretches through the wallpaper and Joyce runs out of the house.

"Holly, Jolly"

  • Barbara finds herself in The Upside Down where she is chased by the Monster.
  • Nancy and Steve have sex and Nancy goes home some time in the night.

Wednesday, November 9

"Holly, Jolly"

Holly, Jolly
  • Joyce hangs Christmas lights all over her house and paints the alphabet on the wall so Will can communicate with her. He tells her to R-U-N, and the monster breaks through the wallpaper.
  • Eleven leads Mike, Lucas and Dustin to Will‘s house and claims he‘s hiding there.
  • A body claimed to be Will Byers is found in the quarry by state trooper David O'Bannon.

Thursday, November 10

"The Body"

The Body S01-E04 SS 001
  • Eleven makes contact with Will through the walkie-talkie. The boys give her a makeover and go to school to make contact through the AV Club's ham radio.
  • Nancy and Jonathan look at the photos he took, and Nancy recognizes the monster in a picture of Barb.
  • Shepard, a worker at Hawkins National Laboratory, enters The Upside Down attached to a security line, but is taken by the Monster.
  • Hopper talks to state trooper David O'Bannon, who found "Will's body" and discovers he's lying. He breaks into the coroner's, where he finds that the body is a fake, stuffed with cotton.
  • Joyce sees Will through an opening to The Upside Down in her wall.

"The Flea and the Acrobat"

Friday, November 11

"The Flea and the Acrobat"

  • Will's funeral is held. His father Lonnie returns to Hawkins, intending to make money from his death through a lawsuit.
  • Hopper finds a bug in his place and teams up with Joyce.
  • Mike, Dustin and Lucas try to locate the gate with their compasses, but Eleven distorts the compasses to lead them in the wrong direction. A fight breaks out, and Eleven knocks Lucas unconscious before escaping.
  • Nancy and Jonathan go searching for the Monster, and Nancy enters The Upside Down.

"The Monster"

  • Nancy returns from The Upside Down. Jonathan sleeps over at Nancy's place, which Steve sees when looking in her window.

Saturday, November 12

"The Monster"

  • Joyce and Hopper track down Terry Ives. Her sister tells them about Terry's involvement in Project MKUltra, and her belief that she had a daughter.
  • Nancy and Jonathan purchase weapons to kill the monster. A fight breaks out between Jonathan and Steve, resulting in Jonathan getting arrested.
  • Agent Connie Frazier visits Mr. Clarke at his residence and finds out about Mike, Dustin, and Lucas.
  • Lucas goes out on his own to locate the gate, and follows the false magnetic north indication to Hawkins National Laboratory.
  • Mike and Dustin are cornered by Troy and James and Mike is told to jump off a cliff. They are saved by Eleven in the nick of time, and she breaks Troy's arm.

"The Bathtub"

  • Mike, Dustin and Eleven flee from the agents that come to Mike's home.
  • Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, Joyce, Hopper, Nancy and Jonathan break into Hawkins Middle School and make a sensory deprivation tank for Eleven to use. She finds Barbara dead and Will weakened in The Upside Down, and he disappears as the monster approaches.

"The Upside Down"

  • Joyce and Hopper are caught breaking into Hawkins National Laboratory, but Hopper reveals Eleven's location and promises to never reveal anything about the agents, and they are allowed to go.
  • Nancy and Jonathan set traps for the monster in the Byers' home. Steve arrives and they assault the monster with a bat and set it on fire, but it disappears.
  • The agents come to Hawkins Middle School to capture Eleven, but she kills them. The Monster arrives, and Eleven is able to defeat it but in the process disappears herself.
The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 004
  • Joyce and Hopper enter the Upside Down and find Will as a host to a long tendril which Hopper pulls out of his throat and through his mouth. Hopper and Joyce perform CPR on him and he begins to breath. Joyce puts her oxygen apparatus on him and he is brought to Hawkins General Hospital. He wakes up later in the night.
  • Hopper is picked up by a government car.

"Trick or Treat, Freak"

  • After defeating the Demogorgon, Eleven awakes in the Upside Down version of Hawkins Middle. She finds her way out via one of the Demogorgon's temporary portals, hiding out in the local woods.

Sunday, December 11

"The Upside Down"[11][12][13]

The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 003
  • Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas play Dungeons & Dragons in Mike's basement again.
  • Nancy and Steve give Jonathan a new camera for Christmas.
  • Hopper places Eggo waffles in a box in the forest.
  • Will coughs up a slug-like creature and momentarily phases into the Upside Down.

1983 - 1984

Unknown dates

  • Sam Owens becomes the new Director of Operations at Hawkins Lab.
  • Will begins to have check-up appointments at Hawkins Lab, to monitor any lasting effects of his time in the Upside Down.
  • Hopper and Eleven find each other in the woods. Hopper takes Eleven to his grandfather's old cabin and lets her stay there.
  • Underneath Hawkins Lab, a secondary entrance to the Gate is formed. A series of interconnected tunnels, serving as an extension of sorts to the Upside Down, also begins to form below Hawkins.
  • The lab begins regular 'burns' on the Gate's original entrance, in attempt to stall the Upside Down's spread.
  • Mr and Mrs Holland hire Murray Bauman to investigate Barbara's disappearance.
  • Joyce begins dating Bob Newby.


Sunday, October 28


  • In Pittsburgh, Kali and her gang are pursued by local police.

Monday, October 29


  • Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will go and play at the Palace Arcade. While there, Will has yet another vision of the Upside Down.

Tuesday, October 30


  • Max and Billy arrive at Hawkins Middle & High.
  • Will has another check-up appointment at Hawkins Lab.
  • Hopper investigates the mysterious degradation of Hawkins's crops.

Wednesday, October 31

Trick or Treat Freak & "The Pollywog"

  • Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Max go trick-o-treating. Will has another vision of the Upside Down, seeing the Mind Flayer.
  • Steve and Nancy have a falling-out at Tina's Halloween party, sparking the breakdown of their relationship.
  • When Dustin arrives home after trick-o-treating, he discovers a creature in the trashcan outside his house. Dustin takes the creature inside and names him D'Artagnan, or Dart for short.

Thursday, November 1

"The Pollywog"

  • Hopper realizes that the blight affecting the local crops is positioned in such a way that it forms a series of concentric circles, centered at Hawkins Lab. Hopper demands that Owens and the lab investigate.
  • Dustin brings Dart to school hoping to impress his friends, and especially Max. However, after Dart escapes, the kids spend the rest of the day searching the school for him.
  • Eleven, having grown impatient, decides to leave the cabin to see Mike. She spots him from afar, but does not directly interact with him.
  • Nancy and Jonathan arrange to meet Barb's parents over the phone. Hawkins Lab intercepts the call.
  • Will has yet another vision of the Upside Down, in which the Mind Flayer traps him and latches onto his body.

"Will the Wise"

  • When Eleven returns to the cabin, she has a heated argument with Hopper.
  • Joyce arrives at Hawkins Middle and takes Will home. She takes note of Will's increasingly strange behavior.
  • Nancy and Jonathan are forcibly taken to Hawkins Lab agents on their way to meet Barb's parents. Owens warns them about the possible consequences of revealing what really happened to Barb in November 1983. Unbeknownst to Owens, the teens are recording his speech.
  • Will attempts to explain the Mind Flayer to Joyce and Hopper. He makes a series of drawings, which Joyce and Hopper join together to form a larger image. Mike goes to the house to see Will.
  • Eleven finds a box at the cabin containing info on Hawkins Lab. She finds Terry Ives' file, and decides to contact her via the Void. She is unsuccessful.
  • Dustin returns home to discover a much grown Dart, feeding on the lifeless body of Mews.
  • Hopper theorises that the drawings depict the vines and tendrils as seen in the Upside Down. He goes to one of the pumpkin patches and digs, until he finds himself in one of the underground tunnels.

"Dig Dug", "The Spy", "The Lost Sister", "The Mind Flayer" and "The Gate"

  • In the fall of 1984, the adventure continues...


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