Large, yellow eggs were present in the Upside Down, coated in some kind of webbing. The Demogorgon hunkered over these eggs, seemingly feeding off them.



The Demogorgon was feeding off an egg in the moment before Eleven made psychic contact with it[1] .

Season One

When Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper entered the Upside Down to search for Will Byers, Hopper found and briefly studied a broken eggshell near Castle Byers that appeared hatched; it was hollowed out and cracked open at the top.[2]

It is currently unknown what hatches out of these eggs, though it doesn't seem to be Demogorgons; at least one Demogorgon grew from a larva implanted inside Will, suggesting that all Demogorgons reproduce in this parasitic manner.

Behind the scenes

Fractured FX Egg Prosthetic

The egg prosthetic created by Fractured FX.

Aaron Sims Creative created the concept art for the egg.[3] The company Fractured FX, who made the prosthetics for Will's fake body and Barbara's corpse, created the prosthetic for the egg as it was seen in Chapter Eight.[4]


Concept art by Aaron Sims Creative featuring the Demogorgon hunched over an Egg

In the closing moments of Chapter Five, Nancy enters the Upside Down and witnesses the Demogorgon being hunched over something, appearing to feed off it. In an interview, visual effects artist Aaron Sims implies that the Demogorgon was feeding off an egg in this moment. Despite this, close inspection of the scene suggests that it was instead feeding on the wounded deer Nancy and Jonathan found earlier in the episode. [3]


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