The Upside Down consists of a large mass of sensitive tendrils known as Vines. Will Byers was attached to a vine while he was strung up in the Upside Down equivalent of the Hawkins public library. Moreover, Jim Hopper was also tangled up by the vines when exploring the infected tunnels beneath Hawkins.


The "Vines" of the Upside Down were shown to have some sort of sentience of their own, as they could move to some extent as well as bind, amass and tangle up over many things, including people. Furthermore, the tendrils also displayed to be vulnerable to brute force and ignition.



Joyce and Chief Hopper found Will Byers with the tendril in his mouth, extending through his esophagus, and into his stomach. Hopper pulled it out of his throat before shooting and destroying it. [1]


When Jim Hopper was exploring the subterranean tunnels beneath Hawkins to ascertain a way out, he came to discover that the vines were vulnerable to fire, compelling him to make a fire-lit branch. Scaring away the vines, he tried relentlessly to dig a way out, but in vain. He was then entangled by the mass of vines. Later, with the help of Joyce and Bob in cutting out the tendrils, he was freed.[2]

Afterwards, when the kids entered the hive mind and set the tunnels afire to distract the demodogs from Eleven and Hopper, Mike was caught up by the vines during their return, and fell behind. Steve came back in time and vigorously attacked the vines with his bat, freeing him from the constriction in the process.[3]

Behind the Scenes

The tendril was made of rubber and edited with visual effects in the final version.[4]


  • While the tendrils were referred by the characters as "Vines", its official name has not yet been clarified.
  • Although there is a track on Stranger Things, Volume Two titled "Tendril", it does not play during the scene involving the tendril, but rather the scene in which Eleven finds Barb's corpse.



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